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Introducing Nielsen

Your Information Advantage

To succeed in today's complex, fast changing markets, it is not enough to simply know what products and services people are buying. You must know why. And that's where Nielsen comes in. Around the world...in stores...at home...on the street...we focus on consumers to help clients answer their most pressing questions. And we answer those questions with the richest, most comprehensive media and market information, professional service and analytical tools in our industry. 

More than anything, our clients look to Nielsen to help them identify business opportunities and create the best possible framework for successful decision-making.

Ultimately, our clients rely on Nielsen to help them win in the marketplace. They place their trust in our information - unique in the market research industry for its speed, accuracy, quality and coverage. They depend on our highly developed software tools and analytical skills. And they count on our highly trained people to provide market knowledge, professional expertise and marketing insight.

Above all, they rely on us to share their passion for growth and success. And we do, every day. It's this passion for performance - for our clients and for our own company – that sets us apart.

The Value of Market Research

Market research is a cost-effective way of finding out what people think, want, need or do. Normally it is information unavailable elsewhere. Businesses use market research to help them produce goods and services in line with their customer’s needs, and to evaluate the success of marketing strategies. Most successful organisations recognise that inadequate research significantly increases the risk of failure in the marketplace.

Social and government bodies also use market research to gauge public opinion, as an input to policy generation or to measure the success of government communication campaigns.

Market research is effective because by talking to or measuring a relatively small number of people you can find out about a much larger group. However, it only works if the people are representative of the total group of interest, if the right questions are asked, and if the answers are interpreted correctly. For this reason, research needs to be conducted by skilled and experienced practitioners who can design, conduct and deliver information and insight to their customers.

What We Do
Nielsen tailors research solutions to individual client needs.  For common research needs Nielsen has a suite of internationally recognised proprietary research products and methodologies providing powerful comparative and normative data.

Other research requirements are idiosyncratic and depend on a particular organisation’s prerogatives and strategic goals. In this case specific, ad hoc research may be necessary, designed to address a particular market issue or set of issues.  Often a combination of the two is necessary.

All Nielsen research is conducted and delivered by a team of research and client service professionals with specialised industry, business issue or methodological expertise. Aside from providing market data, Nielsen endeavours to add value to client’s business by translating the data into actionable market and business insights.

Where We Are
Nielsen’s operations span more than 100 countries. Headquartered in New York, our major regional business centers are located in Schaumburg, Illinois; Wavre, Belgium; Hong Kong; Sydney, Australia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Nicosia, Cyprus.

Our Leadership
Meet the leaders of today’s Nielsen.

Our History
Founded in 1923 by Arthur Charles Nielsen, Sr., ACNielsen introduced consumer marketers to many innovative research methods and techniques that today are standard industry practice, including the first objective and reliable methodology for measuring retail sales and competitive market shares. Mr. Nielsen also founded our sister company, Nielsen Media Research, the global leader in television audience measurement and other media research services.

The Nielsen Code
In 1931, Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr. wrote the Nielsen Code, defining the principles that would guide Nielsen to global leadership in marketing research. The Code remains relevant today and continues to guide our business. 


Nielsen’s principal clients are manufacturers and retailers of fast-moving consumer packaged goods. In global markets, we also serve clients in automotive, financial services, telecommunications, and many other consumer-focused industries.  

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