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10 April 2014
Nielsen CEO Predicts Boost in Chinese Household Consumption by 2020

Nielsen is proud to be the designated provider of information and insights at BOAO 2014, Asia's New Future: Identifying Future Growth Drivers. The BOAO Forum for Asia is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that holds an annual conference for the most prestigious leaders in government, business and academia in Asia.

8 April 2014
Nielsen as the Designated Provider of Information and Insights at BOAO 2014

Nielsen is proud to be the designated provider of information and insights at BOAO 2014, Asia's New Future: Identifying Future Growth Drivers. The BOAO Forum for Asia is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that holds an annual conference for the most prestigious leaders in government, business and academia in Asia.

20 March 2014
Nielsen: Innovative Marketing Needed to Connect with Post-90s Consumers

The generation born after 1990 is more affluent and more brand-conscious than the generations that preceded it, and a deep understanding of the distinct characteristics of this group is needed to connect with them, according to Nielsen's survey on the Life Attitudes and Values of the Post-90s Generation.

27 February 2014
Nielsen: Chinese Consumers Highlight Opportunities for Retailers, Brand Marketers and Service Providers to Better Meet Needs of Aging Consumers

As the 65-and-older demographic increases in size and spending power in China, retailers, brand marketers and service providers have opportunities to better support the health and well-being of aging consumers, according to new findings from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

19 February 2014
Nielsen: Chinese Consumer Confidence Closes 2013 at Record-high Level

Chinese consumer confidence reached a record high of 111 points in Q4, ending the year three points higher than it started and 5 points higher than the same time period the previous year, according to findings from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

12 February 2014
Nielsen: 71 Percent Of Top-tier Chinese Consumers Choose Cards Over Cash As Preferred Payment Method For Everyday Spending

One out of every two people around the world say their preferred payment method for daily spending is plastic rather than paper, according to a recent study by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy. Compared with the global average, this preference is much stronger in the top-tier cities of China, where 71 percent of respondents use cards vs. 22 percent that use cash.

16 January 2014
Nielsen Survey: Health Issues, Unexpected Household Emergencies And Children's Future Top 3 Priorities For Current Saving Plan Among Chinese Consumers

According to a new study by Nielsen, eight out of 10 Chinese respondents (82%) believe they will achieve all their financial goals for the future. But of those only 35 percent trust their current planning will be enough while 47 percent say they will need to closely monitor and adjust investment from time to time to best meet their financial expectations.

2 January 2014
Nielsen: ComRatings Author Joint Whitepaper on the Chinese Online Cosmetics Shopper

According to a latest report jointly authored by ComRatings and Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, an online cosmetic shopper's journey to buy his/her desired products can mean hours of online-browsing to look for the right products with best deals, and sometimes, an active engagement with the brands and online community before a bargain is finally made.

26 December 2013
More Than 86 Percent of Chinese Consumers Show Interest in Using Remote Mobile Payment Apps

More than 86 percent of Chinese consumers in an online survey, whether they have experiences of using mobile remote payment apps or not, say they would either increase (86% of the total with experiences of using such apps) or try (87% of the total without experiences of using such apps) the usage of such apps in the future, according to a new study by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

23 December 2013
Nielsen: 75% of Mainland Tourists Claim Shopping for Self as Key Purchasing Purpose

The number of Mainland China tourists visiting Hong Kong totaled nearly 33.5 million as of October 2013, representing more than 75 percent of the total number of visitors to HK last year, according to latest figures from the Hong Kong Tourism Board. However, a recent report by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, finds that mainland visitors are coming to Hong Kong less frequently, staying for shorter periods, and spending less, compared to last year.

3 December 2013
Nielsen Survey: 96 Percent of Chinese Respondents More Likely to Visit Retailers That Offer a Loyalty Program

Around 57 percent of Chinese respondents said that loyalty programs (marketing programs that reward members with purchase incentives) were available where they shopped, and of those, 96 percent said they were more likely to visit those retailers, according to a new study by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

19 November 2013
Nielsen: Chinese Consumer Confidence Holds Steady In Q3 2013

Consumer confidence index in China remained stabilized at 110 in Q3 2013, an increase of four points from the same period last year (Q3 2012), according to consumer confidence findings from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

23 October 2013
Patrick Dodd Appointed Managing Director for Nielsen China

Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, announced that Patrick Dodd is appointed as Managing Director, Nielsen China, with responsibility for all of Nielsen's business activities in China. Patrick reports to Yan Xuan, president of Nielsen Greater China.

9 October 2013
Nielsen: Earned Advertising Remains Most Credible Among Chinese Consumers

Eighty-six percent of consumers in China say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, a form of earned media , above all other sources of advertising, according to a new study from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

25 September 2013
Nielsen: Fresh Foods Key Driver for Retailers' Success

A recent global survey by Nielsen, a leading provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, shows that in a measure of retailer equity, the availability of fresh foods was ranked among the top 10 drivers among 25 criteria measured throughout Europe and Asia. In particular, the quality of fresh foods and the range of availability were most significant.

16 September 2013
Nielsen: Emerging Online Channels Resonate with Chinese Shoppers

The popularity of the internet in China has changed consumers' shopping behaviors, according to a recent report by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumes watch and buy.

5 September 2013
Nielsen: Responding To Changing Consumers' Needs Key
To The Future Growth of Chinese Homegrown Automotive Brands

Amid an overall slowed growth rate of Chinese automobile market and more fierce competition for Chinese homegrown brands from JV and foreign counterparts, a new report by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, identifies key strategies essential for Chinese automobile companies to re-invigorate and better connect with Chinese consumers.

15 November 2012
Nielsen: Chinese Consumer Confidence Stablized In Q3 2012
Tier 1 and Rural Areas continue to be the most optimistic

Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, today reported that consumer confidence in China increased one point to 106 in the third quarter of 2012 -- two points higher than same time last year, and 14 points ahead of the global average (92). Less concern for inflation last quarter drove up confidence among Tier 1 consumers to 111 points ( 4 points up from last quarter) who posted a 10 points gain for willingness to spend in 2013.

18 October 2012
Nielsen: Non-Tier 1 Chinese Tourists are the Fastest Growing Tourist Segments
The Evolution of the Mainland Chinese Shoppers, the new sophisticated Tier 1 Chinese shoppers are looking for greater niche and exclusive products
Social Media, Brand and variety of Product offerings are the key to capitalize on the potential arising from the evolution

The latest Mainland Chinese Visitor study released today by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, has unveiled new spending and shopping habits of Hong Kong fastest growing inbound tourism segment since last year – 8.88 million overnight visitors from China’s non-Tier 1 cities (all Chinese visitors excluding Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou).

1 August 2012
Nielsen: China’s Consumer Confidence Above Global Average

Chinese consumer confidence decreased five index points this quarter in China to 105, yet still 14 points above the global average of 91,  according to the latest consumer confidence report from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

13 July 2012

Online consumers in mainland China rely more on themselves (51%) when making personal finance or investment decisions compared to global online consumers (49%) according to a new study from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumer watch and buy.

26 June 2012
Delivers Insight into the Effectiveness, Breakthrough of TV Ad Campaigns

Nielsen, a leading provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, today announced the availability of Nielsen TV Brand Effect in Europe and Asia. The solution allows advertisers to monitor consumer response in real time by delivering metrics on a TV ad’s breakthrough, or resonance, enabling in-flight or post-campaign optimization.  Nielsen TV Brand Effect is available now in China and Germany, with additional market launches slated for later in 2012

17 May 2012

17 May 2012
Rural Chinese Consumers Most Optimistic

17 May 2012

17 May 2012

17 May 2012

17 May 2012

17 May 2012

17 May 2012

5 April 2012

NIELSEN : More Than Half of Chinese Online Consumers Willing to Pay Extra for
Products and Services from Socially-Responsible Companies
Sustainability tops list of important causes for socially aware Chinese consumers

Sixty four percent of Chinese, socially-conscious online consumers said they are willing to pay extra for products and services from socially responsible companies , according to a new study from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

22 March 2012

FOR 2013-2017
TV Advertising Sales to be Transacted Using Nielsen Industry Standard Information

Nielsen, the leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, today announced it has been awarded a new Television Audience Measurement (TAM) contract in Hong Kong for 2013 - 2017.  As consumers demand more content on more channels and on more devices, Nielsen is committed to providing the most complete understanding of audiences across all media and the highest quality measurement of what people watch in Hong Kong across multiple platforms.

09 March 2012

Nielsen : Chinese Consumer Confidence Up

Optimism for a stronger expectations on income drove consumer confidence in China up four index points last quarter in China to 108 pts, 19 points above the global average of 89 according to the latest global consumer confidence findings from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.

09 March 2012

Nielsen Launchs Cutting Edge Nielsne NeuroFocus  in China
Leveraging the Power of Science To Understand Consumer

Nielsen a global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, announced today that it has launched Nielsen NeuroFocus .the global leader in neurological testing for consumer research in China.

22 November 2011

Rural Consumers—the Strong Driver Behind the Solid Confidence
Consumers Seek Convenience and Good Value

Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and analytics into what consumers watch and buy, today reported that consumer confidence in China remained stable in the third quarter of 2011, dropping one point from 105 to 104. According to  Nielsen,  global consumer confidence fell for the seventh consecutive quarter  to  88 – its lowest reading since Q4 2009.

16 November 2011

Nielsen "Confidence Drives Demand" Forum to Help Businesses
Discover Where Demand Lies in China Today and Tomorrow
Forum to take place in Chengdu, Xiamen, Qingdao

In the face of a complex and volatile global economic environment, China’s government has taken a number ofmeasures this year to strengthen and improve macro controls, with a focus on adjusting the country’s economic structure. Thanks in part to these measures, China's GDP grew by 9.4 percent year-on-year for the first three quarters of 2011. Per capita disposable income rose by 7.8 percent in urban areas while per capita cash income in rural areas increased13.6 percent.

20 October 2011

Nearly Three-quarters of Shanghai Households use Three Screens
Nielsen’s Report on Cross-Platform Media Audience Behavior in Shanghai Finds Most Homes Have TVs, PCs with Internet and Mobile Phones

Seven out of ten households in Shanghai own and use three screens – TVs, PCs with Internet and mobile phones – according to Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights and analytics into what consumers watch and buy. The latest edition of Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Media Audience Behavior report for the first half of 2011 reveals that TV and mobile phone penetration is nearly universal, and the majority of Shanghai homes have PCs.

28 September 2011

Nielsen China Supports Guizhou Forerunner College
Helping Talented but Underprivileged Students Gain Marketable Career Skill

Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights and analytics into what consumers watch and buy, announced it donated computers and other school facilities, valued around 3million RMB to Guizhou Forerunner College, under its Nielsen Cares program.

15 September 2011

Nielsen Identifies Overarching Trends in China’s Auto Industry for the Next Decade: A New Generation of Car Buyers, New Technologies and New Media
Insights for car makers to help them win a new generation of consumer

China emerged as the world’s leading automotive market.  According to a new survey by Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights and analytics into what consumers watch and buy, today’s Chinese car buyer is more demanding in terms of what qualities they want in a new car. The most important factor to attracting Chinese car buyers’ attention is the exterior design (24.7%) and vehicle performance (21.8%), significantly higher than the third and fourth priorities of interior (3.9%) and price (3.4%).

23 August 2011

Chinese Consumers Reduce Transport, Dining Out Expenses, Are Increasingly Focused on Getting the Best Deals

Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and analytics into what consumers watch and buy, today reported that consumer confidence in China slipped 3 points in the second quarter of 2011, to 105. According to the latest Nielsen’s Global Online Survey,  consumer confidence on a global scale declined to its lowest level in six quarters, falling three index points from 92 to 89 – its lowest reading since Q4 2009.

3 August 2011

Nielsen Identifies Key Marketing Trends Driving China's Fashion Industry OnlineShopping Compementary to Bricks and Mortar Stores, Overall Brand Development

As the number of international fashion brands entering the Chinese market continues to grow, competition for customers will get ever-more intense.  A number of fashion retailers discussed the current environment – and how brands can stand out – at Nielsen’s Yangtze River Delta Fashion Forum, held recently in Hangzhou.  Nielsen identified three key trends were identified.

13 July 2011

Chinese Consumers Desire to Own a Car is as Strong as Ever
Safety, Price and Quality are Top Priorities For Purchasing

The Chinese automotive market has been on a roll: China was the only country to achieve annual growth of more than 20 percent in the past five years and in 2010, posted 30 percent growth!  Despite rising prices for essential goods and fuel, the Chinese desire to own a car is as strong as ever.  According to a new study by The Nielsen Company, nearly 94 percent of Chinese consumers say that they intend to buy a car in either the short- or long term.  More than a quarter (27%) said that plan to purchase a car within a year while 39 percent say they expect to buy a car in the next one to two years.

29 June 2011

Yan Xuan Appointed to Lead Nielsen in Greater China

Nielsen, a global provider of insights into what consumers watch and buy, today announced that Mr. Yan Xuan is appointed President, Nielsen Greater China, with responsibility for all of Nielsen’s business activity in the Greater China region. Yan Xuan reports to Nielsen’s CEO David Calhoun and is now a member of the Nielsen Executive Council (NEC).

05 May 2011

Nielsen Appoints Karthik Rao Nielsen Greater China Managing Director

The Nielsen Company (NYSE: NLSN), a global leader in providing insights into what consumers watch and buy, announced that it has appointed Karthik Rao Nielsen Greater China Managing Director.

21 April 2011

More than 20% of Chinese Consumers Own Investment Products
Stocks, Investment Funds and Bank Investment Products Are Most Popular
Huge Opportunities for Growth Seen In Tier Two Cities

More than two in ten Chinese consumers (21%) own personal investment products such as stocks, investment funds and bank investment products, according to the latest Personal Finance Monitor Report released today by The Nielsen Company (NYSE: NLSN). The report found that most owners of these investment products are households with monthly income over RMB10, 000 and consumers aged between 35 to 44 years old. Investment real estate continued to count for the largest portion of consumers’ portfolios – 41 percent of investment value – but that intention to invest in property decreased.  Stocks made up more than a quarter (26%) of total value followed by mutual funds (10%).

21 April 2011

Chinese Consumer Confidence Rebounds Strongly in Q1 2011
Willingness to Spend Heats Up Across All Regions

Chinese consumers were more optimistic about jobs, the economy and their personal finances in the first quarter of 2011, pushing the country’s score to 108 in the latest edition of the Chinese Consumer Confidence Report, jointly released today by the China Economic Monitoring & Analysis Centre (CEMAC) of the National Bureau of Statistics and The Nielsen Company (NYSE: NLSN). That score was up eight points from 100 in the fourth quarter of 2010

09 March 2011

Multinational Marketers Take a Back Seat to Local Advertisers on CCTV Gala Show

CCTV Chinese New Year (CNY)Gala Show and similar CNY shows hosted by major provincial satellite TV channels have attracted many eyeballs and resulted in strong interest and advertising investment from brand owners and marketers. According to the latest findings from The Nielsen Company (NYSE: NLSN), local and multinational marketers seemed to adopt a different advertising strategy for this year’s CNY. 

01 March 2011

One Screen Not Enough for Chinese Consumers Watching New Year’s TV GALA
Programmers and Marketers Have to “Raise Their Game” as Consumers Take Control of the TV Viewing Experience

Watching CCTV’s (China Central Television) New Year’s Gala on television on Chinese New Year’s (CNY) Eve has historically been nearly every family’s traditional event to ring in the New Year. But consumption has changed according to a new study by The Nielsen Company (NYSE:NLSN), as Chinese consumers are increasingly creating their own “converged” network.  

23 February 2011

Chinese Consumers’ Reluctance to Spend Weakens Confidence

China’s consumer confidence index fell four points to 100 at the end of 2010, according to the latest Chinese Consumer Confidence Report jointly released by CEMAC (China  Economic Monitoring & Analysis Center) and The Nielsen Company.  Rural consumers’ confidence remained relativity stable while urban consumers’ confidence experienced a pull back.  

21 February 2011

Mainland tourists tripling the size of Hong Kong population
Two-Thirds of Mainland Tourists Plan Their Purchases Before Arrival
Average Spending per Trip at HK$12,000 per Person

The Individual Travel Scheme launched in 2003 has resulted in an influx of millions of mainland tourists to Hong Kong. Visitors from Mainland China have now become one of the biggest consumer segments in Hong Kong. The growth of mainland tourists in 2010 has grown 26.3 percent compared to 2009 and has contributed to Hong Kong’s economic boom in the last couple of years. In 2010, the number of mainland tourists arriving into Hong Kong reached 22.7 million, accounting for 60 percent of all tourists – triple Hong Kong’s population. Mainland tourists are spending on average HK$ 12,000 per stay, and these appealing figures are expected to grow even further in the future, representing greater opportunities for marketers in the years ahead.

14 December 2010

What to Expect in the Next Five years

There are perceptions held by some that business success in China is based solely on the vast size of the marketplace and that Chinese companies can not effectively compete with foreign firms.  At the Nielsen China Forum, Mitch Barns, president of The Nielsen Company, Greater China, countered the most common myths about the role innovation plays in the Chinese consumer products sector and outlined the strategies necessary for innovation to drive the engine of business success.

14 December 2010

New Opportunities for Long-Term Growth Come from Lower Tier Cities

China’s economic growth has led to massive expansion across all consumer categories as its citizens become more affluent, and, in many cases, have discretionary income for the first time.  But one sector stands out for growth even in China: automobile sales.  Over the past five years, China was the only country in the world to achieve annual growth of more than 20%, and in 2010 alone, car sales will likely grow by 23%, according to estimates from The Nielsen Company.  The big story, however, is not the size of that growth—sales of cars will consistently increase for the next few years—but where that growth is coming from: China’s lower tier cities.  These and other issues facing China’s automotive industry were addressed today by a range of speakers at the Nielsen China Forum.

14 December 2010

Format Flexibility, Customer Loyalty & Meeting Shopper Needs is Priority

Findings released today at The Nielsen China Forum reveal that China’s lower tier cities account for 87 percent of China’s population of 1.3 billion people and account for 64% of modern trade retail sales.  Retailers with the capacity to expand have an eager market awaiting their stores.  Finding success in a market that spans 9.6 million square kilometers across 34 provinces can be complicated, as lower tier city shopping behavior can vary dramatically from higher tier city shopping.

14 December 2010

Lower Tier Cities Represent Greatest Potential

Looking back at the last 25 years, China’s financial services industry has undergone a huge transformation and has developed tremendously over time.  From the establishment of four nationalized banks to the tech-savvy fingerprint payment, China’s ever-expanding market has no doubt become one of the giants in the retail finance industry today.  The burgeoning importance of affluent Tier 1 and Tier 2 consumers, coupled with the entry of foreign players into the market has created intense competition among banks and financial institutions.  Finding ways to succeed in China’s retail financial services industry were revealed at the Nielsen China Forum held at Shangri-La Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai on 14th December.

14 December 2010

Nielsen and Beijing China Cable Union Data Service Co. Ltd.
form Nielsen–CCData to Research Growth in Digital TV
Joint Venture Provides New Consumer Insight from China’s Media Industry

The Nielsen Company (Nielsen) and Beijing China Cable Union Data Services Ltd. (CCData) today announced a joint venture, Nielsen-CCData, to pioneer the delivery of new, more detailed insight on China’s growing digital TV market. Nielsen-CCData will provide better understanding of the changing habits of the more than 70 million Chinese consumers already utilizing digital signals for TV reception. Working together with cable DTV operators, media owners, content providers, advertising agencies, and advertisers, Nielsen-CCData will provide the first ever Chinese digital TV-specific consumer insight by measuring how users watch digital TV, how they use the digital TV’s Value Added Services (VAS), and their attitudes towards interactive digital TV platforms.

14 December 2010

Nielsen Identifies Key Hubs that will Unlock the Potential of China’s Lower Tier Cities
163 Million Households with Unmet Needs
China’s Lower Tier Cities Account for 87% of Population and 64% of Retail Sales

While cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou often dominate discussions about China’s rapid development, it is the lower tier cities that offer the greatest potential for retail growth in the years ahead, according to Lynn Xu, Director at The Nielsen Company, who spoke today at The Nielsen China Forum.  Spurred on by rising incomes and optimism about the state of the economy, as well as their own personal finances, consumers from cities such as Chongqing, Hunan and Guangxi are poised to take advantage of the ongoing development of modern retail channels in these cities.

17 November 2010

Chinese Consumers’ Confidence Soft Landing After Five Consecutive Quarters of Increase in Optimism
Consumers Raise Concerns Over Price Increase

After five consecutive quarters of increase in optimism, Chinese consumers’ confidence levels witnessed a soft landing over the course of the latest quarter by falling five points to the level of 104 points, according the latest Chinese Consumer Confidence Report, which was jointly released by the China Economic Monitoring & Analysis Centre (CEMAC) of the National Bureau of Statistics, and The Nielsen Company.

03 November 2010

Top Eight Key Measures Of The Successful New Products in China

The Nielsen Company’s Greater China President, Mitch Barns, Joined Policymakers, Academics and Business Leaders to Debate the Risks and Opportunities that China Possesses at the Recent Economist Conference: The China Summit

12 August 2010

Rural Chinese Consumers’ Confidence Continues To Strengthen
Consumers’ Confidence In Cities Experienced A Slow Down

Chinese consumer confidence increased one point reaching 109 after five quarters of continuous increase in China, according the latest Chinese Consumer Confidence Report, which was jointly released by the China Economic Monitoring & Analysis Centre (CEMAC) of the National Bureau of Statistics and The Nielsen Company.

05 August 2010

Mobile Internet More Popular in China than in U.S.:  The Nielsen Company

According Nielsen China Mobile Report that mobile consumers in China have surpassed their American counterparts when it comes to using the devices to access the Internet (38% of Chinese mobile subscribers compared to 27% of American mobile subscribers), despite less advanced networks.

08 July 2010

Fans Demand It: Instant video replay wanted for World Cup games according to Nielsen

A global Nielsen survey and online fan buzz strongly supports calls for the urgent introduction of instant video replays during World Cup matches.

After a weekend of two “blown” calls by referees in World Cup matches, Nielsen can reveal that two out of three respondents (65 percent) to Nielsen’s online survey of 55 countries would like see television replays play a part in decision making during World Cup matches. Only about one in ten people globally said the ban on the use of video replays should stay, and the others didn’t mind either way. In China, more than half (52 percent) of football fans were in favour of a change as well.

07 July 2010

Nielsen Issued The Latest 2010 China Auto Trend Monitor Report: Chinese Consumers are taking a more rational approach to purchasing automobiles
Consumer interest towards new technology and alternative energy sources is increasing

Nielsen today issued the latest findings from a study focusing on current trends seen in Chinese consumers, their decision making processes, the most popular automobile designs, new technology and alternative energy sources.

25 June 2010

Nielsen Survey: Chinese World Cup Fans Jump From TV to PC to Mobile
…And Back Again
Nearly Six in Ten Go Online to Follow World Cup Action

The World Cup football competition is famous for attracting the biggest global television audience of any single sporting event – but this year, viewers are watching the action on personal computers and mobiles like never before.

Although live television broadcast is still the most popular medium fans use to follow the games around the world, a Nielsen survey reveals that that one in three football fans globally are also following the tournament from their personal computers or mobile phones.

15 June 2010

Nike Ambushes Official World Cup Sponsors: Nielsen

Nike is not an official World Cup Football sponsor but, thanks to some creative marketing, that doesn’t stop consumers across the globe from linking the company to the world’s largest soccer tournament. The Nielsen Company analysed online blogs, message boards and social networking sites and found that the sports shoe and apparel giant was more frequently linked to the World Cup than any of the tournament’s official partners and sponsors.

11 June 2010

iPAD Launches in Asia Pacific to Clamour of Online Discussion

Apple has once again proven its ability to generate a product launch sensation, with online discussion around its recent iPad release in Asia Pacific reaching fever pitch in recent weeks, according to Asia Pacific regional analysis conducted by research company, Nielsen.

10 June 2010

Nielsen Survey: Brazil Favored to Win World Cup
Nearly Seven in Ten Chinese Netizen will Follow the World Cup

With World Cup fever hitting countries around the world, China is also feeling the excitement in the lead up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup - to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, kicking off on June 11th.

06 May 2010

China’s Consumer Confidence Continues To Strengthen
Confidence Reaches Highest Level Since 2007

Chinese consumer confidence continues to strengthen, up four points in the latest survey and reaching highs not seen since 2007, according to the latest Chinese Consumer Confidence Report, which is jointly released by China Economic Monitoring & Analysis Centre (CEMAC) of the National Bureau of Statistics and The Nielsen Company.

27 April 2010

Nielsen Unveils Three Screen Pilot Report in Shanghai With First Insights on How Chinese Consumers Use TV, Internet, and Mobile.

Initial Findings Indicate TV Remains the Dominant Media Platform –
Households Spend Nearly 6 Times More Time Watching TV than Accessing Internet;
Nearly Half of Households Access the Internet While Watching TV;
Younger Audience Members Watch More Video Daily via Mobile Phones

20 April 2010

Nielsen launches Its Global Research and Development Program In China
Aiming to Drive Growth For Clients Through Innovation

Today The Nielsen Company announced the launch of its global Research and Development program, focusing on cutting–edge market research technologies and methodologies in China. It will become our most important center for Nielsen Research and Development program outside of the Nielsen’s United States home market.

16 April 2010

China Online Advertising Made 4.06 billion RMB in Q1; YOY growth 52.7%

CR-Nielsen (Nielsen’s Joint Venture in China) today released a summary report for China’s Online Advertising market for Q1, 2010.

09 April 2010

Nearly Eight In Ten Chinese Automobile Owners Have Intention To Purchase The Electric Vehicle: Nielsen
Environmental and economic advantages play an important role in buying decision

According Nielsen’s - China Electric Vehicle Market Report; Chinese consumers have relatively high awareness, and strong purchasing intention for electric vehicles. Conservation and low operation costs are the key factors of consideration for Chinese consumers.

29 Jan 2010

China consumer confidence continues to build going into 2010. Confidence reaches highest level since sencond half of 2007. Gains led by consumers in tier 5 cities and western regions.

Chinese consumer confidence continues to strengthen, up three points in the latest survey and reaching highs not seen since the second half of 2007, according to the latest Chinese Consumer Confidence Report, which is jointly released by China Economic Monitoring & Analysis Centre (CEMAC) of the National Bureau of Statistics  and The Nielsen Company.

02 Nov 2009

Consumer confidence in China during the third quarter has reached the highest level since mid 2007: Nielsen consumer confidence survey
Confidence increases most dramatically among consumers living in western and lower tier cities

Consumer confidence in China during the third quarter 2009 has reached its highest level since mid 2007, driven by improved job conditions in Western and 2nd tier cities, according to a Consumer Confidence Survey jointly released today by The Nielsen Company.

26 Aug 2009

Destination promoters wanting to attract mainland Chinese travelers should advertise on the internet, the GO-TO infomation source for Chinese travelers:Nielsen

The Internet has become the most popular medium for Chinese travelers seeking information about their trips, according the latest Nielsen China Outbound Travel Monitor.  The Nielsen survey found that travelers will search for conventional destination information ahead of their trips (61 percent of leisure trips taken), and then turn to online travel discussion forums (48 percent) to fine-tune their plans -- suggesting that opinions and comments about travel experiences posted to online forums are nearly as likely to influence travelers’ decisions as the destination websites themselves.

31 July 2009

Consumers grow more confident of economic recovery: Chinese consumer confident index increases 6 point in 2nd quarter:Nielsen consumer confidence survey

Consumers’ hopes for an end to the Global Economic Crisis have been bolstered in the 2nd Quarter 2009, according to a Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Survey released today.

The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index, conducted in 28 markets in June 2009, rose to 82 – an increase of 5 points (from 77) in March - spurred by renewed consumer optimism and stock market gains in BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and key Asian countries.  In China, consumer confidence increased 6 points, a climb up the global ladder from 10th to 6th place.

20 July 2009

Personal recommendations and brands' websites the most trusted forms of advertising in China
However, consumer opinions posted online and brand sponsorships also scored highly
Ads before movies have seen the greatest increase in levels of trust amongst Chinese Internet consumers since 2007

Recommendations by personal acquaintances and brand websites are the most trusted forms of advertising in China, according to the latest twice-yearly Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 markets.

16 June 2009

The global economic downturn hasn't Dampened Chinese Travel Monitor
Eight in ten Chinese interested in travel "abroad"
Hongkong the NO.1 destination, but Chinese travelers now setting sights on Taiwan.

22 Apr 2009

Chinese consumers more confident about their economy that their global counterparts:Nielsen. Job security - For the first time - The number one concern for Chinese bucks global trend, with 65% saying their economy isn't in recession

No one doubts the long term potential of China, but how has the deepening global financial crisis affected its consumers? Has the downturn of exports from China, the impact on local manufacturing and other recent events taken its toll, or is the confidence of Chinese consumers holding up in one of the world’s largest and most optimistic nations?

03 Apr 2009

So close, yet so far - Chinese consumers call for more efficient banking services: Nielsen

Chinese consumers are getting increasingly frustrated with lengthy queues for banking and bill paying with nearly six in 10 Chinese high income consumers considering “easy-to-access banking services” (56%)the most important factor when deciding which bank they use, according to the latest Nielsen China Personal Finance Monitor.

20 Mar 2009

U.S. AD spending fell 2.6% in 2008, Nielsen reports

The Nielsen Company reported today that U.S. advertising for the full year 2008 was down 2.6% compared to the full year 2007. According to preliminary figures from Nielsen, U.S. ad expenditures declined almost $3.7 billion to a total spend of $136.8 billion in 2008.

19 Mar 2009

China rides out an evenful 2008 to post full year ad spend growth of 17 percent VS.2007
OLAY tops brand list as #1 spender in 2008

China closed 2008 posting a 17 percent year on year increase in advertising spending, up slightly from the 15 percent growth recorded in 2007 but below the 23 percent growth seen in 2006, according to Advertising Expenditure figures released by The Nielsen Company.

16 Mar 2009

Social networks & blogs now 14th most popular online activity, ahead of personal email, Nielsen reports.

Two-Thirds of Global Online Population visits These Sites Each Month.
“Time Spent” on These Sites Growing Three Times Faster than Overall Internet Rate, Now Accounting for Almost 10 Percent of all Internet Time.
The Biggest Increase in Visitors to These Sites were 35-49 Year Olds.

25 Feb 2009

The Nielsen Company announces senior media appointment--Jed Meyer to head up company's Greater China media business.

The Nielsen Company today announced the appointment of Jed Meyer to the position of Managing Director, Media Services, Greater China.  Based in Shanghai, Meyer will oversee the Company’s media businesses across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, reporting jointly to Mitch Barns, President, The Nielsen Company, Greater China, and Richard Basil-Jones, Managing Director, Media, Asia Pacific, The Nielsen Company.

16 Jan 2009

Economy Not Likely to Curb Chinese New Year (CNY) Travel: Nielsen

Mainland Chinese Netizens More Motivated to Travel This CNY Than Consumers From Hong Kong and Taiwan
More Than Half of Mainland Netizens Plan to Travel This CNY, Up 10 percent from last year

27 Nov 2008

The Nielsen Company announces a senior Greater China appointment.
Umang Pabaru named managing director, consumer research.

The Nielsen Company today announced the appointment of Umang Pabaru to the position of Managing Director, Nielsen Consumer Research for the Greater China region.
Based in Hong Kong, Mr Pabaru will lead the Nielsen Consumer Research teams in Hong Kong, the mainland China and Taiwan. He will report to Mitch Barns, President, The Nielsen Company, Greater China and Dave Parma, President, Global Consumer Research, The Nielsen Company.

14 Nov 2008

Chinese consumers confidence remains stable & above global average
Consumers in developing markets more optimistic that global recession will be over within the year

While the world remains in the grips of a global credit crunch, consumers in the world’s fastest developing countries – including China - believe the global recession will be over within a year, with fifty-one percent of Indians, 45 percent of Vietnamese and around one in three Chinese and Russians expecting the global recession to end within the next 12 months according to the Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence survey which polled 26,202 consumers in 52 countries in the midst of the global financial crisis earlier October.

03 Nov 2008

China's advertisers go into hiding in August, reducing the Olympic month to near-2007 spending levels
Sponsor/competitor ramp up no compensation for cutbacks across toiletries, pharmaceuticals, household & automotive

While Sponsors and their Competitors ramped up their August ad budgets to maximize their exposure over the Games month, the bulk of China’s advertisers took a serious ad break for the month, resulting in China registering a monthly ad spend figure close to 2007 levels, and not much higher than in May, when the Sichuan earthquake hit and advertising was suspended for three days

27 Oct 2008

Nearly half of Chinese travellers buy Luxury brands overseas
Price and authenticity cited as main purchase drivers

According to the latest Nielsen China Outbound Travel Monitor nearly  half of Chinese international travellers purchase luxury branded goods when they go overseas - with close to two-thirds snapping up fragrance, perfume and cosmetic bargains followed by fashion/accessories/leather goods and souvenirs/confectionery.

30 Sep 2008

Six in 10 Chinese consumers planning to travel over the national holiday.
Dalian and Hongkong the most popular destinations

With the Golden Week just around the corner, Chinese consumers are already excited about the approaching holiday. According to the latest Nielsen survey conducted online, six in 10 Chinese respondents plan to travel either internationally or domestically over the national holidays.

11 Sep 2008

China becomes a more compelling international tourist destination, Thanks to Olympic Games

 In addition to attracting an historic 4.7 billion global audience and enhancing China’s image on the world stage, the 2008 Beijing Olympics is all set to give the country’s tourism industry boost, judging by a growing intention of global consumers to visit China one day and the positive feedback on China from the international audiences and visitors, according to multi-country online surveys conducted by the Nielsen Company over the course of the Games.

10 Sep 2008

Chinese consumers put new car plans on hold in face of escalating fuel prices

Chinese consumers are adapting their new car plans or are postponing their purchase in view of the escalating fuel prices, according to a recent Nielsen survey.

04 Sep 2008

The 2008 Beijing Olympics set many world records, with the latest being the Most Watched Games ever.  According to latest intelligence from The Nielsen Company, the Beijing Olympic Games attracted the cumulative eyeballs of 4.7 billion viewers over the 17 days from August 8 to August 24, ‘out-viewing’ the 3.9 billion who followed the Athens 2004 Games by 21 percent, and the 3.6 billion who tuned in to the Sydney Games in 2000 by 31 percent, or 1.1 billion additional viewers. 

03 Sep 2008

As makeovers go, international audiences and visitors agree: Beijing passed with flying colours

The Chinese Government’s significant investment into hosting the Beijing Olympic Games has paid off on many levels, with the city of Beijing receiving a priceless image boost in the process, according to international audience and onsite consumer surveys conducted by The Nielsen Company over the course of the Games.

24 Aug 2008

As the host nation for the Olympic Games, a country can expect to enjoy a record year of advertising, and China in 2008 has been no exception.

14 Aug 2008

Based on television audience data collected from 38 markets around the world,  The Nielsen Company estimates that just over 2 billion people - almost one third of the world’s population - watched the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

18 Jun 2008

According to latest Nielsen Online research, the weekly reach of lifestyle, fashion and female related Internet content in China currently sits at around 20 percent, providing access to a population of at least 45 million Chinese consumers (based on Chinese netizens census released by CNNIC), and presenting tremendous marketing opportunities to companies in China.

12 Jun 2008
Global consumer confidence falls to record low: Nielsen

Consumer confidence worldwide has fallen to its lowest level in several years, according to the latest Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index measuring consumer confidence, major concerns and spending habits amongst online consumers in 51 markets.

30 Apr 2008
Chinese travelers follow their palate when they travel

Nielsen’s latest China Outbound Travel Monitor reveals that when choosing a leisure destination, Chinese people are following their taste buds as they travel around the world

28 Apr 2008
New York
Nielsen appoints global head of consumer research
The Nielsen Company today announced the appointment of David Parma to the position of Global Product Leader for the Company’s Consumer Research group.  In his new role, Mr. Parma will report to Joe Willke, Global President of the Company’s Consumer Product Leadership group, and will be based in New York.

14 Apr 2008
Awareness of foreign bank grows among Chinese consumers. But "Brand image" continues to lag behind local banks
According to the latest Nielsen China Personal Finance Monitor, foreign banks’ efforts to build brand awareness in China’s mass market are starting to pay dividends, in the form of improving awareness levels among China’s emerging and affluent consumers.

13 March 2008
New York
Nielsen to launch first global image advertising campaign in alliance with the New York Times company

The Nielsen Company announced today its inaugural global brand awareness campaign, which will debut through a unique marketing collaboration with The New York Times Company, including the first exclusive advertising arrangement ever offered for any editorial issue of The New York Times. As the centerpiece of this campaign, Nielsen will be the sole advertiser for a special August issue of The New York Times sports magazine, PLAY, which will be dedicated to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The campaign will also include other high-impact placements across multiple platforms, including print, online, radio and mobile as well as targeted newsstands and mailings.

6 March 2008
Los Angeles
The Hollywood reporter launches website in Asia
The Hollywood Reporter today announced the launch of THR-Asia.com, a new English-language website. The new website is dedicated to serving audiences in Asia with a trusted daily source of market and global news and reviews, with in-depth analysis of the Asian entertainment industry.

22 February 2008
Nielsen to launch Homescan™ consumer panel in China
The Nielsen Company today announced the launch of a Homescan™ consumer purchase panel in China. With over 40,000 households, this will be the largest consumer purchasing panel available in China, the world’s fastest growing market. The panel’s size and design will provide marketers with a far superior capability to measure and understand the purchasing behavior of Chinese consumers.

5 February 2008
Chinese brands wrestling the limelight from foreign counterparts in lead up to the Olympic Games - China's advertising market set for even bigger growth in 2008
According to the latest figures from The Nielsen Company, advertising spending in China in 2007 recorded a 15 percent increase across the three mainstream media - TV, Newspapers and Magazines - reaching RMB441.5 billion compared to the previous year. TV continues to take the lion’s share of China’s advertising pie, attracting 82 percent of total advertising budgets over the year and enjoying 16-percent growth, while Newspapers and Magazines accounted for a 16 and two percent share respectively.

1 February 2008
Growth of China online advertising on a fast track - online adspend reached RMB 9.4 billion in 2007
The online advertising market in China finished 2007 showing healthy growth, hitting RMB9.4 billion spent on display advertising, according to the latest AdRelevance Report from Nielsen Online. AdRelevance is a Nielsen service that tracks and analyzes online advertising, industry trends, advertiser activities and campaigns. According to AdRelevance, the value of online display advertising in China reached RMB 2.8billion in the fourth quarter of 2007, an increase of a further six percent from the previous quarter, bringing the total 2007 online ad spending to RMB 9.4 billion or US$1.3 billion.

31 January 2008
Four in ten Chinese netizens planning to travel over the Spring Festival: Nielsen & CTrip.com joint survey - Organizing own travel arrangements increasingly popular
According to a survey jointly launched by Nielsen and Ctrip.com, a leading Chinese online tourist service company, more than four in ten Chinese netizens plan to take a trip over the coming 2008 Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) break. Consumers from Guangzhou (58%) and those with a family monthly income over RMB8000 (57%) lead the pack, with most people from these groups packing to go away over the CNY holiday.

24 January 2008
The Nielsen Company announces senior appointment for China: Chris Morley to head up Nielsen Consumer
Chris Morley has been appointed to the position of Managing Director, Nielsen Consumer, China. In his new role, Morley will oversee the various businesses of Nielsen Consumer (previously ACNielsen) across China, and will be responsible for expanding the company’s retail and consumer research footprint, leading a growing array of Nielsen Consumer capabilities and partnerships in one of the world’s fastest growing and largest markets.

28 December 2007
Confidence dips globally, with over a quarter of the world's consumers cautious about a 2008 recession: Chinese most worried about rising inflation and a fall in property prices should recession strike
Rising oil prices, the spread of the sub-prime credit issue in international markets, and the slow down in the US economy are all taking their toll on the confidence of the world’s consumers.  According to the latest Global Consumer Confidence Study conducted by The Nielsen Company, more than a quarter of global consumers expect a global recession in 2008, resulting in a dip in confidence in 21 of the 48 markets Nielsen surveyed.

11 December 2007
The Nielsen Company Names Mitch Barns President of Nielsen Greater China
The Nielsen Company today announced that Mitch Barns has been named President of Nielsen Greater China.  Barns will report directly to David Calhoun, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Nielsen Company, and will serve on Nielsen’s Executive Committee.

7 December 2007
Charting the Media Journey to Beijing 2008 - Nielsen Media Research reports on the Impact of the Olympics on Media & Advertising
Based on the overwhelmingly positive experiences of the three most recent Olympic Games host nations, China’s hosting of next year’s Summer Olympics is set to break all previous broadcasting and advertising records, according to The Nielsen Company.

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